Our Values


We use our knowledge of what is true or correct, supplemented by research and experience, to make choices that enable us and those around us to have fulfilling and purposeful lives.


We are honest and driven by clear moral principles and character. We strive to do the right thing at all times by aligning our behaviour with how we want to be known.


We are willing to understand difference and honour its value. We care about each other, are concerned about the suffering of others and strive toward a better tomorrow.


We treat others with consideration and value their rights alongside our own. We speak with calmness, humility, and politeness to ensure every person feels known and appreciated.

A shared understanding

A shared understanding

Our vision is to offer an exemplary Anglican education through which students are inspired to develop a lifelong passion for learning and to contribute positively to the global community.

As a school that values learning in all its forms, we are committed to providing opportunities for each student to achieve their personal best. In partnership with families, we create a supportive, caring and collaborative environment where young people are challenged to think critically, strive for excellence and contribute constructively to the world around them.

Looking Ever Onward, and building upon our 40 years’ experience and the extensive contributions made by all members of our school community, St Paul’s will be guided by our Strategic Plan – Pursuing Potential 2023-2028.


We are a caring school, founded on the ethos and values of the Anglican Church.

We nurture learners from all faiths and beliefs to pursue their potential. We provide opportunities for every child to find and follow their purpose, and foster an environment where every faith and belief is respected and valued. We do not expect students, families or staff to share our Christian beliefs. Instead, we ask that our learners develop and share their perspectives on spirituality and faith with openness, respect and humility.

Our Anglican tradition is observed through chapel services and faith studies which all students are required to attend. These provide a space for each student to experience encouragement and exploration of faith within a strong and supportive community. Further opportunities for faith development are offered through voluntary student Christian groups. Click the button below to learn more about our Chaplaincy Program.

From little things...

St Paul’s was started by a committed group of local families keen to see an independent education become available in the region.

Commencing with 19 students in Year 7 1982 in the Sunday School rooms of St Paul’s Anglican Church in Warragul, we have grown to become a school of more than 1,700 students from Pre-Kinder through to Year 12 at campuses in Warragul and Traralgon.

Our Foundation Principal was Dr Des Parker from 1982–1992, followed by Mr Richard Prideaux 1993–2006 and Mr Mark Robertson 2007–2010. From 2011-2012, Mr Mike Clapper was Executive Principal of St Paul’s and Ms Lisa Moloney was Principal from 2012– 2017. Our current Principal Mr Cameron Herbert commenced in 2018.



The school commenced in the Sunday School rooms at St Paul’s Anglican Church in Warragul.


The school moved to its present-day site in Bowen Street, Warragul.


Further adjacent land was purchased to create a primary school. In the same year, extensive community areas surrounding the school were co-developed for playing fields and wetlands.


The school amalgamated with the Dulcie Harris Anglican Kindergarten in Victoria Street, Warragul to create a Kinder to Year 12 school.


The Traralgon ELC and primary school was established in Cross’s Road, Traralgon on a 120-acre site.


A dedicated Year 9 Centre on a separate site (previously the Miller’s Factory) in Warragul commenced. The Traralgon Middle School was established.


Our Early Learning Centre relocated to the current Warragul Campus.


The Traralgon Middle School expanded to accommodate Years 7 to 9.


The first Senior School class (Year 10) commenced at our Traralgon Campus.


Commencement for the development of a Swimming Pool Complex at the Traralgon Campus begins.


A new Year 9 Centre is built at the Warragul Campus and students return.


The school announces a new campus to be established in Drouin commencing with the early years in 2024 and VCE to be offered at the Traralgon Campus from 2026.


The first and primary duty of the Board is to provide strategic guidance for the school and to effectively oversee the school’s management.

The Board governs the school and does not become involved in operational matters. The school’s day-to-day management is the purview of the Executive team, led by the Principal, who manages the school in accordance with the strategic goals set by the Board.

The Board is responsible for all matters relating to strategic policy and has overall responsibility to ensure that the school is well-managed.

The Board is committed to ensuring that the programs and teaching in the school must support and promote the principles and practice of Australian democracy, including a commitment to:

  • Elected government
  • The rule of law
  • Equal rights for all before the law
  • Freedom of religion
  • Freedom of speech and association
  • The value of openness and tolerance

Parents may be eligible to apply for Company Membership and to serve on the Board. Please find below a range of useful information: