At St Paul’s we encourage spiritual growth in our students as part of our goal to educate and develop the ‘whole person’.

Students are encouraged to develop and share their perspectives on spirituality and faith through self-reflection, classroom discussion and participation in chapels, assemblies and community gatherings.

Regular chapel services provide a space for students to experience and participate in worship, encouragement and exploration as a community. Students also have the opportunity to join Christian student groups.

The Christian Studies curriculum aims to:

  • Introduce and familiarise students with the essence of the Christian faith
  • Explore the Biblical narrative, the person of Jesus and the story of salvation history
  • Enable students to engage in discussions of Australian culture and critique it in the light of Christian values
  • Explore contemporary ethical issues, ethical decision-making and moral viewpoints in religious traditions.

The appointment of school Chaplains is made by the school, in consultation with the Bishop of Gippsland. Our school has close links with local parishes, and our students are encouraged to be active participants in local and global community service.