Principal's welcome

Principal's welcome

From the very moment you step into our striking grounds, you will understand how special our school is.

St Paul’s is a happy school, where every child is welcome and every child belongs. It is a place where children can be children and discover who they are. Quite simply, St Paul’s is a place to call home.

We not only value but celebrate the uniqueness and difference of every student. Our learners are kind and compassionate, yet keenly focused on pursuing their potential.

Known for our strong academic achievement and expansive co-curricular opportunities, every student fully immerses themselves in an environment where possibilities abound. Our students truly care for each other and strive to make a difference in the world.

St Paul’s education is designed for every learner because we are every learner.

I look forward to welcoming you to St Paul’s, where everyone can pursue their potential.

Cameron Herbert

Quality Educators

St Paul’s celebrates and encourages our educators to share their expertise, grow professionally, and employ research-driven and proven learning strategies as they lead the future of education.

We believe it is the challenge and privilege of teachers today to build upon established practices and lead us into the future of education.

We are a firm believer in the notion that happy people are productive and creative. St Paul’s strives to foster an innovative and dynamic environment where people are able to express their creativity, passion and expertise beyond the regular curriculum. People are able to make their mark at St Paul’s through a variety of leadership or mentoring roles that help students pursue their potential.

Join the team!

Educators all around...

Tech Futures
Our team lead by example, growing future digital wizards.
Students are supported with the transition into the laptop program and a plethora of tech questions are answered.
Literacy Lovers
Nestled amongst books, our Library team are well-read!
Open before and after school to support student learning, we have the perfect read for any occasion.
Help at Hand
Feeling unwell or getting lost on campus?
Our Student Services team provide care, answers and a helping hand to nurture our students.
Leading for All
A belief that all children are exceptional.
Dedicated educators encourage all students to achieve their personal potential, whatever that may be.
Being Known
Learning is personalised to every student.
A professional approach offering differentiation in pace, level and content from the regular curriculum.
Confidence comes from knowing that teachers have their backs.
Student wellbeing is the core focus, guiding every child through their learning journey at St Paul’s.
Morning Mentors
A daily dose of connection is important.
Our Mentor teachers monitor students' daily needs and work together to foster a happy and safe environment.
Looking Forward
We're evolving to embrace the future of education.
Shaping the next iteration of learning, our dynamic educators collaborate to deliver best-practice lessons.
Industry Experts
Bringing real world experience into the classroom.
Possessing skills and talents beyond our industry, Specialist Teachers inspire students to extend beyond their comfort zones.
First Steps
Strong foundations for learning will last a lifetime.
ELC educators build upon students' individual strengths, teaching through play to evoke wonder and creativity.
Curious Minds
Using curiosity and creativity to extend learning.
Our primary school educators support and care for every child as they navigate Prep through to Year 6.
Getting Ready
Empowering the next generation for the future.
Caring secondary teachers provide guidance as our future leaders consider their lives beyond school.