Contributing your time and effort to something greater than yourself is a proven way to enhance wellbeing and gratitude. Starting small in the classroom and expanding out into the community, St Paul’s creates a range of service activities that place students in local, regional and international programs that deliver a deepened understanding and respect for others.

An ethos of caring weaves throughout our school. In primary school, students participate in classroom, school and community initiatives including fundraising and acting as buddies for younger students.

At secondary school, the culture of service continues. Real-life situations are built into the curriculum, incorporating service to others in a variety of ways. Self-initiated projects are encouraged and individuals or small groups are often at work on a range of activities to benefit the school or the wider community.

For those who display ongoing commitment, students can participate in life-changing experiences to visit, teach and assist communities in Rwanda or East Timor. From teaching local children to building schools and learning about the different cultures and histories of these countries, students come home not only with new friendships and a purpose but also an enhanced appreciation of our world, its cultures and community.


We take pride in watching our students become confident, articulate, resourceful and committed young adults capable of contributing to the wider community. As they progress through school, their skills and understandings are honed through a range of leadership, service and fundraising efforts. Whether in primary or secondary school, leadership opportunities are abound:

  • Co-curricular Captains
  • House Captains
  • School Captains
  • Student Buddy
  • Student Leaders
  • Student Representative Council
  • Tour Guides
  • Bus Prefects
  • Co-curricular Captain
  • Community Ambassador or Tour Guide
  • Community Service
  • Deputy School Captain
  • House Captain
  • Peer Support Leader
  • Prefect
  • School Captain
  • Student Representative Council
  • Year Level Leader

High Performance Program

Pursuing your sporting potential, while retaining a tandem focus on your secondary schooling, requires flexibility and the support of your school to ensure you can achieve both.

At St Paul’s, our Athlete Development and Elite Sports Performers Programs cater to each student-athlete’s needs, wellbeing and interests. Offered to secondary students who are highly committed to their sport or are competing at a junior elite level, St Paul’s combines an outstanding education with personalised guidance to assist student-athletes to pursue their sporting aspirations.

Through tailored support, a unique specialist subject, exceptional guest speakers and collaboration with health professionals, every student-athlete is supported to perform to their best both academically and on the sporting field.


Academy of Music

The first of its kind in a Gippsland school and a rare opportunity for orchestral, choral and keyboard students, the Academy of Music offers students access to specialist ensemble training and performance experiences along with musical mentoring opportunities.

Incorporating live concert exposure and collaboration with professional conductors, educators and performers alike, the Academy inspires students to take their musical studies and ensemble skills to the next level.

Open to students by audition, the Academy offers a dedicated focus through timetabled classes for the development of students’ chamber and orchestral skills. With professionally delivered workshops in addition to combined, cross-campus orchestral and choral rehearsals, students regularly perform at a range of venues.

With an exciting new addition of specialised training in bagpipes and drums, students at both the Traralgon and Warragul Campuses continue to extend their repertoire.

Fine tune your musicianship within our Creativity and the Arts program or contact Benjamin Sim on 5622 6358 or email for further information.