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2022 VCE Results
of students achieved an ATAR over 90.
of students achieved an ATAR over 70.
of students achieved an ATAR over 80
of students achieved an ATAR over 50

We are incredibly proud of the way our class of 2022 has transitioned back to a full year of onsite learning. They have applied themselves to their studies in a dedicated and enthusiastic manner and balanced this with involvement in a wide array of co-curricular pursuits. The Class of 2022 approached this year with maturity and good humour and have actively pursued their potential to achieve remarkable results.

This year’s cohort have a variety of plans for the immediate future from tertiary study in areas such as health and engineering, apprenticeships, Australian Defence Force traineeships and work. You can read more about their individual results here.

St Paul’s students regularly achieve outstanding results and hence selection into the VCE Season of Excellence run by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA). Only the most outstanding VCE students from the previous year are invited to exhibit or perform.

Additional Student Achievements

Beyond the classroom students excelled in RoboCup Regional and State Competitions, Tournament of Minds (Winners of the 2019 International Finals – STEM and Language Literature), DAV Debating and the Australian Mathematics Olympiad selection.

NAPLAN Results

Our 2021 NAPLAN results showcased the strong growth rate between levels and that the majority of cohorts are testing well above state means in the two-year period. Numeracy growth is also particularly strong across the school and literacy continues to be an area of student strength.

St Paul’s mean score exceeds that of the state in virtually all areas of testing and at most year levels.

We recognise that each year group is different and some are stronger than others. Hence, we believe it is important to ensure that the individual needs of every child are catered for, learning is personalised to them and they are given every opportunity to not only achieve their personal best but to thrive.

For a more detailed analysis, read our School’s Annual Report or visit the My School website.

Post-School Destinations

From astrophysics to zoology, anything is possible with a St Paul’s education.

Our most recent graduates benefited from an extensive network to support their academic endeavours during their final year of secondary schooling. Paired with their brilliant representation across all areas of co-curricular, our Class of 2021 left us ready to pursue a range of study, employment and other pathways.

We are proud of the many avenues a St Paul’s education has provided our Class of 2021. Over 90% of our students continued their studies at a university that inspired their interest and passion, with a small cohort choosing to further their learning in fields such as Medicine and Veterinary Science at interstate universities. The remainder of our graduates applied to TAFE, accepted apprenticeship and traineeship offers, or entered the workforce straight away. No matter their pathway, every student left us ready to embrace their future.